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Top ten tips for being successful on social media

In the ever-changing world of social media, where trends evolve at the speed of a click and user engagement is the currency of influence, mastering the art of digital communication has never been more important. Whether you feel like social media is second nature to you, or your a business owner who feels paralyzed by the pressure to be present in the social space, understanding and implementing social media best practices is the key to standing out in the crowded digital landscape.

This blog aims to be your compass in the ever-changing world of social media, guiding you through the best practices that can elevate your strategy and help you build meaningful connections with your audience. From crafting compelling content to navigating algorithm changes, we've got our top 10 tips for you to implement into your daily use of social media for your business to boost your visibility, foster engagement, and ultimately drive success on various social media platforms.

Our top ten tips for being successful on social media:

  1. Be consistent - in the frequency you post weekly, the times that you post your content, the tone of voice you use, the vibe you put out - all of it needs to be consistent to further establish your brand in your consumer’s minds.

  2. ALWAYS keep your target audience at the forefront of your mind - when writing content, you’re ultimately doing it for the furthering of your brand, to establish connections, and in the long-run, to grow your business. Therefore, everything you post needs to be curated with your ideal client in mind. Speak directly to them. Hit their wants and needs. Remember that you’re talking to REAL people!

  3. Be REAL - no, not the app, although we do love a good, authentic way to connect with people. When it comes to social media, authentic connection is KEY. Your audience wants to see the personality of your brand and that you’re not just a robot (or ChatGPT - yup, we see you) producing content. The most authentic you are, the more people buy into your brand.

  4. Write content in advance so you can develop a long-term strategy - no matter how tempting it may be to just post something because it’s in the moment and quick and easy and maybe even a fast trend, those things aren’t going to truly benefit you in the long run. Writing content ahead of time will help you truly dive into your business strategy as well as your social media strategy to start truly turning results on social media for your business.

  5. Engage with your audience - we recommend spending 15-30 minutes engaging with your audience every day, particularly right before and after posting. These are a handful of audience breakdowns you might consider engaging with your followers, your target audience, those who use the same hashtags as you, and content on your explore page! Pro tip: commenting on Instagram ranks your engagement higher than just liking content with the current algorithm changes!

  6. Post reels whenever possible - video content is proven to be more engaging to the audience than static posts which makes sense why Instagram pushes video content more heavily. Remember to use low trending audios and put text on screen, whether that be closed captions or giving calls to action. Make sure something in your video or in the text on screen changes in the first two seconds of the reel to keep users engaged.

  7. Speaking of video content…make sure to keep your videos short. Aim for under six seconds OR over 45 seconds if it’s a longer-form video that is telling more of a story.

  8. Give clear calls to action - people need to know what to do with your content. If you want them to visit your website, tell them to do so (we’d definitely recommend avoiding using the phrase ‘link in bio’, though)! It may sound silly but your audience needs clear direction on what to do with your content and what action you desire them to take.

  9. Use the collaboration feature on Instagram - this is a HUGE way to boost your reach and establish great relationships with other businesses or people. If you’re a business owner, consider collaborating with your personal account on a post that is more personal. If you’re a wedding professional, consider collabing with the couple or with a fellow vendor who is also highlighted in the content you’re posting.

  10. Keep an eye on your analytics - this will help you determine best times to post, what content is hitting home with your audience, what content is falling flat, and how to expand your reach to your target audience. Don’t freak out over down days or weeks on social media - these are bound to happen. But DO pay attention to overall trends and what your audience is responding well to!

Whether you're a social media guru looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve or a business owner looking to maximize your online impact, social media is our modern day marketing platform and it's WAY too relevant to not take part in. Your business deserves to be seen, recognized, and celebrated. Social media is how you achieve that.

Don’t have the bandwidth to manage your socials? Or even the mental capacity to dive into all that goes into curating a social media strategy that works so you’re not just posting aimlessly, spilling your wheels in frustration? If this is you, then we’re the digital marketing team for you.

Start the conversation today. Social media management is an investment, but one that will return tenfold when you invest in the right team.




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