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How to Find Trending Hashtags and Audio on TikTok

Whether you’re a content creator or you simply enjoy scrolling through TikTok, you’ve likely noticed by now that TikTok is transitioning from its “Discover” tab to a brand new “friends” tab.

According to @TikTokComms on Twitter, the friends tab “will allow you to easily find and enjoy content from people you're connected with, so you can choose even more ways to be entertained on TikTok.”

But for content creators and influencers, the Discover tab was a huge benefit and help when it comes to doing audio and hashtag research and staying up-to-date on the latest trends. So the question is, where can we do this research now?

Luckily, there are a couple of options available to help you with this!

Trending Audio on TikTok

There are a few ways to find trending audio on TikTok. Follow these steps for approach number one:

  1. Hit the “+” button, as if you were going to create a new TikTok.

  2. Choose “Add sound”.

  3. Scroll down and choose “TikTok Viral”.

From here, you’ll see a list of trending sounds to use for your next video!

Another easy way to find trending audio is by simply choosing the search icon in the top right corner on the home page and typing “trending audio”. When you hit search, choose “Sounds” and you’ll see the same list of trending sounds here.

Other Ways to Find Trends (And Trending Hashtags)

Trends on TikTok seem to come and go so quickly that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. A simple way to find out what’s trending is by searching In the left column, you’ll see popular topics, suggested accounts, and trending hashtags.

One final way to find out what hashtags are trending depending on your niche is by, again, going to the search bar in the top right corner on the home page, typing in something related to your niche (so, if you’re in the wedding industry, you could search “weddings”), and scrolling to the right on the top row until you find “Hashtags” at the very end. Click that tab, and you’ll find hashtags in your specified category with how many views each one has, like this:

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