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Recipe for Success

Whether it’s your grandma’s famous oatmeal scotchie cookies, or the new Half-Baked Harvest dish you’re trying for the first time - all of the best foods start with a recipe for success. This is ours.

At Traxx Social, we want to see small businesses succeed. Whether your full-time job is running your hand-made soap company or if your calligraphy business is simply your weekend side-hustle, we want to be part of allowing your dreams of growing your business and expanding your reach to become reality.

We know what it’s like to already feel like you’re drawing at work and to have your company’s social media be the first thing to fall off your plate. We've been there. We get it! You're human and are only built to handle so much. That’s why we decided to make social media management our full-time gig - so people like you can have the peace of mind that someone who understands their stresses is taking care of at least one piece of the puzzle.

Here’s our proven method behind social media management:

​Like all good adventures, we start with coffee. We’ll sit down and flesh out your brand, your mission, your current marketing efforts, and establish your goals. We want to hear your story so we can show the rest of the world what you’re all about. We’ll determine your target audience, desired key performance indicators (KPI’s), what success looks like for your business, and determine our plan of action moving forward.

From there, we get to work - we’re talking graphics, key language, calls to action, website linking, optimizing your socials - the whole nine yards. We’ll flesh out a 30-day content calendar for you and talk it through to make sure we're on the same page 100% of the way.

After this, you can kick your feet back and relax. We’ll handle the posting, the content curation, the logistics, and the community management. Say goodbye to stressful days, working all hours of the evening and being checked out of personal life. Say hello to effortless business growth and being able to focus on what truly matters to you.

You want to grow your small business. We want to help. Contact us to jumpstart your social media growth and start getting your life back today!



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