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Writing for Facebook vs Instagram

With so many social media platforms out today, it can be challenging to know exactly what each platform wants from you, regarding photos, videos, graphics, captions, etc. This can be especially confusing when it comes to Instagram and Facebook, since it’s encouraged to link your Instagram profile to your Facebook page.

So, do you post the same exact thing on Instagram as you would on Facebook?

Not exactly!

Here are some key differences to keep in mind when writing content for Facebook vs. Instagram.

Instagram Content

Instagram is meant to be a photo and video sharing app. Within the last year, Instagram has really pushed businesses and creators to make Reels, or Instagram’s version of short-form videos. You can think of Instagram as a visual platform: it wants people to stay on the app and it wants YOU to create videos, photos, and carousels that your followers will engage with. Because of this, it’s encouraged that your captions are typically no longer than 150 characters.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t directly link something in your caption, so if you want your call to action to be a link click, you’ll need to direct them to your Instagram bio. You can also link something in an Instagram story.

Facebook Content

Facebook is a bit different. While this platform also likes visuals such as photos and videos, it has much more space for text. Don’t be afraid to go into more detail in Facebook posts.

A key difference between Instagram and Facebook is that Facebook lets you link directly in your caption, making it more user-friendly for your followers to transition from the app or page to the link. This is a great way to get traffic on your website.

Tips for Writing Your Captions

If you plan out your social media content in advance, a good way to approach writing is to start by fleshing out Facebook captions first, then make edits to those captions to be more Instagram-friendly. If you have more to say on Instagram than 150 characters, a great way to make something more Instagram-friendly is by utilizing carousels as much as possible.

Social Media Management Services

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