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Our Core values

Everything we do at Traxx Social is guided by six core values. Why, you might ask?

Core values show what's most important to a team. Core values guide behavior, decisions, and actions. They represent the foundation of a business' identity and serve as a moral compass for how it operates. Traxx's core values aren't just principles; they're deeply ingrained within the collective mindset of our team!

We live by these six core values: kindness, authenticity, going above and beyond, establishing healthy work/life balance, enthusiasm, and producing long-term sustainability.

Let’s break them down: 


Kindness is the CORNERSTONE of what we do. In every interaction - whether teammate to teammate or business to business -  our goal is to approach people with empathy, compassion, and respect. Whether it's supporting a team member through a new project or simply listening to a client’s feedback, kindness is the driving force behind what we do!


Authenticity is how you start meaningful and lasting relationships. We believe in transparency, honesty, and integrity. What’s the point of a business if authenticity isn’t present? If every individual has values and morals they want to share, so should every business. 

Above and Beyond

Above and beyond isn’t just some fun little saying; it's a commitment to excellence! We go the extra mile to deliver incredible results, exceed expectations, and raise the bar for ourselves and the social media industry. Whether it's delivering a project ahead of schedule or providing great customer service, we never settle for anything less than above and beyond.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is essential for sustainable success. We believe everyone needs to step away from work for a time (even just an afternoon or weekend)  in order to rebuild inspiration and creativity. Plus, we’ve seen and proven that work-life balance improves overall well-being and productivity! 


It is one of the greatest feelings to cheer on our clients AND watch them succeed! Your win is our win. Your success is our goal! Your business deserves to be championed and celebrated! Every purchase, every follower, every inquiry is a victory and an achievement worth celebrating!


Speaking of sustainable success, we believe that marketing isn’t just about chasing fleeting trends; it's about thinking long-term for your business goals. While we may occasionally hop on trends that actually align with our clients’ values, we won’t be copycats in an overcrowded digital crowd. To put it simply: we aren’t content with just keeping up; we’re dedicated to standing out. By constantly chasing trends, you risk being overshadowed by the next big thing, and your brand may be perceived as a follower rather than a leader. So, instead of playing catch-up, we challenge ourselves and our clients to ask the important questions: 

What sets you apart? 

What value do you offer that others in your niche don't?

What's the story behind your brand?

Where does your passion lie, and how can you convey it effectively?

Our team is committed to kindness, authenticity, going above and beyond, having a healthy work-life balance, enthusiasm, and producing long-term sustainability. It’s not just some random philosophy we made up — it's who we are at our core! 




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